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25 September 2007 @ 12:22 pm
Stealing a few seconds at work...  
...I am endeavoring to bring Episode Four to you today, however, I am up to my waist in work...lots of stuff to do...sure, it's cool, but there's a lot of it...

So please indulge me...it'll be worth the wait...

In fact...sample this, then try to tell me you don't want more...

George sipped his coffee and stared out the window into the ambulance bay.  “She won't talk to me,” he said. 

Lexie tore open another sugar packet and dumped it into her steaming paper cup. “Not when you hiccup through an aborted conversation,” she said. 

“She didn't even look at me.  Not once.” 

“Because you froze at the door.  Sometimes you have to put in the effort.” 

“Effort?  I wrote a letter, I went to her door. I'm all about effort.” 

“No, George.  Real effort.  You have to - ”  Then she noticed his eyes and it stopped the conversation cold.  “What?” 

George dropped his coffee and sprinted for the door.  Lexie turned and her eyes caught the sight, too. A man in a denim work shirt carrying a black garbage bag in his arms, a tiny arm hanging from the plastic.  She took off on her friend's heels.

George was through the doors in a flash.  “What happened?” he demanded, enveloping the man and leading him through the doors. 

“I – I found this – on my way to work,” the man said. 

“I need help here!” George cried as he tried to find a heartbeat on the body under the stretched plastic.

“George!  What can I - ” Lexie said.

“Bailey!  Get Bailey!” he ordered.

Now can you see why this one has me so excited?  ASAP, I promise...
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