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Altered Anatomy

An alternate version of the fourth season of Grey's Anatomy.

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This journal is the headquarters, if you will, of a group of authors determined to see a better outcome for characters they have come to love. We write this, the alternate fourth season of Grey's Anatomy, with neither the overwhelming presence of millions of viewers to please, nor the expectations of a corporate network to meet. This is for fans, by fans, and free from those influences we hope to create something worthwhile in our little corner of the fandom.

That being said, the world of Seattle Grace- and all the characters that inhabit it- belongs to its creator, Shonda Rhimes, and it is with gratitude that we play in it. Remember folks: the game is the same- we are merely moving pieces.

Happy reading!

--Your Authors

Tom Beaumont here...I just wanted to add that this Alternate Season, while it will focus more on the relationship of George and Izzie (the preferred ship of the Authors), is most definitely NOT going to be used as a forum for insulting or belittling other characters on the show. We writers are in 100 percent agreement that EVERY character deserves to be accorded respect, and any potential readers (who may - or may not - agree with our ship) will hopefully see that we are truly attempting to write episodes that we want to see, and not simply performing cruel character assassination because we feel like it. In fact, that's something we are taking pains to avoid, because doing so would limit our ability to tell the kinds of stories we want to tell. These characters, these stories, and our readers deserve more - and we intend to deliver that with this Alternate Season.